About Equal Dist / Yong-Ki Chang

· Founded by Yong-Ki, EQUAL DIST is an independent, skateboarder-owned operation supporting artists and their creative endeavors since 2004.

· In 2005, The Solitary Arts was born and artist Geoff McFetridge partnered to work on the graphical elements while Yong-Ki curated, designed, manufactured, packaged, and sold boards, wheels, t-shirts and a variety of quality made accessories. (2005 - 2015)

· Yong-Ki was owner and curator for 3131 CLEMENT GALLERY in San Francisco, California, featuring artshows with Tobin Yelland, Todd Francis, Jason Lee, Bryce Kanights, Sage Vaughn, Gabe Morford, Dennis McGrath, Ian Johnson, Chris Pastras, Isaac McKay-Randozzi, Chris Miller, ROSTARR, Clint Peterson, Yoon Sul, Christian Cooper, and many others with Tommy Guerrero, Jet Black Crayon and BlkTop Project performing live at opening receptions.  

· Founder of TOGETHER TOGETHER with help from Mark Oblow (Art Director and Team Manager) and friends, Bobby Tang, Bob LakePorous Walker,  Malakai Montes, Noah Montes and JC Caban. 

· Co-founder of SPECIAL CRUD with Todd Francis, specializing in t-shirts with Todd's iconic pigeon.  

· Support for MOBLOWowned by Mark Oblow


CONTACT: yongki@equaldist.com

PO BOX 905


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